Case Study

Case Study - The Nicotine App


Praveena attended one of our off-site workshops. Using the framework, she generated an app idea.

Praveena’s idea was to track her daily intake of nicotine levels. We armed her with the materials and techniques to generate the idea, explore its potential, think about who might use it and design a paper prototype.


To begin with, we got Praveena thinking about problems she faces in her daily life. She started to think about how the world “should be”, problems she faces on a daily basis and even some idealistic dreams. 

In the second exercise Praveena generate a number of “bad ideas”, the purpose of which was to capture as many ideas as possible driven by the previous exercise.


Among a few issues Praveena documented, she had a problem with keeping track of her nicotine levels, something she wanted to fix. In this exercise Praveena used keywords to explore this idea in more depth by applying different angles to it.


Zen Statement

We then asked Praveena to pick the idea that excited her most to take through to the next stage. At this point, we asked Praveena to create a Zen Statement (AKA elevator pitch) to help her hone in on the fundamentals of her idea and provide her with a statement she could use to initiate future conversation.



Now that Praveena knew the basics of her idea, we asked her to think about users and who might use this app. Praveena captured these users as Personas. She considered the different backgrounds of the users and what their goal might be.
User Flow


With the consideration of her users and their goals, we then had Praveena draw out the user flow. This got her thinking about the best way to get users to their goal in as little clicks/taps as possible.


User Stories

With the Personas and User Flows now in place, Praveena was tasked with capturing user stories. Effectively building the feature requirements for her app. The stories were very short and snappy and provided the reason and value of the feature.




Now Praveena had everything she needed to demo her idea, we asked her to review it by scoring the idea based on certain criteria. After her self assessment, another person reviewed and scored her idea. The scores drove further conversation.